Photo of Sandip Chatterjee - Santoor - Photo by Linda Sandring

Sandip Chatterjee

Sandip Chatterjee discovered his love for music at the delicate age of eight. His father, Ashoke Chatterjee, at that time professional football player and ardent adorer of classical Indian music, did everything to support the inclination and the talent of his son. Thus, he made it possible for Sandip Chatterjee to be trained by masters like Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya and Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty. Besides his instruction on the santoor, Sandip Chatterjee graduated with an honours degree in economics at the University of Kolkata.

In times when he is not touring India or Europe, Sandip Chatterjee makes for regular musical entertainment of television series. Today in India he is considered as one of the great talents of the new generation on the santoor.

In 1986, Sandip Chatterjee won the first place at the "best instrumentalist award", which was organized by "Sangeetayan" in New Delhi. In 1990 he won the "President of India Award", which was broadcast by "All India Radio" in New Delhi.


Press Review - Sandip Chatterjee (Santoor):

His strokes have shown his own style based on unmistakable MAIHAR Gharana which speaks volumes of his Taiyari. - Times of India, February 6th, 1998, Mumbai

The final Evening opened with a Santoor recital by Sandip Chatterjee in the Raga 'Hansadhwani'. With good command over all aspects of the instrument and a keen sense of proportion, the artist didn´t allow listener attention to flat through the recital. This is no small matter for a Santoor player. - The Telegraph, August 4th, 2000

His Megh and Misra Pahadi conjured images of blinding rains against the backdrop of lush green mountains. His jod and jhala stood out for a masterly exposition of the Layakari. - Hindustan Times, August 20th, 2000


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