Photo of Ranajit Sengupta - Sarode - Photo by René Menges

Ranajit Sengupta

Born in 1969 into a family of music enthusiasts, Ranajit Sengupta received his first lessons at the age of 5 on the mandolin by his uncles. In 1975, at the age of 6, he played on All India Radio for the first time and in 1979, at the age of 10, his first recording appeared at IRC (Indian Record Company).

Ranajit Sengupta began the play of the Sarode in 1987 at the age of 18 under the instruction of the late Ustad Dhanesh Khan. His further education was undertaken by Ustad Aashish Khan, who continues to instruct him to the present day. Moreover, Ranajit Sengupta attended several workshops of the legendary Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

He completed his musical education at Rabindra Bharati University of Kolkata as one of the best with a master's degree, after which he was recruited as an instructor.

Ranajit Sengupta received many awards and won various competitions, among others the one of All India Radio and the one of "National Scholarship" of the Government. HMV, India´s largest record producer, nominated him in 1992 as the "Best Talent of the Year".

In 1994, Ranajit Sengupta composed the theme music for the International Film Festival, which was held by the television of Kolkata. Also, he composed and conducted a number of orchestra musicals and many smaller pieces both for instrumental as well as for Vocal music.

Since 1994 Ranajit Sengupta regularly gives concerts in many countries of Europe, including Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Ranajit Sengupta is a grade A musician at All India Radio and Doordarshan - the two leading media regarding classical Indian music.


Press Review - Ranajit Sengupta (Sarode):

The Sarod is one of the most sonorous Indian musical instruments. It has four melody strings and 17 resonating strings and is plucked with a plectrum made of coconut. On the sarode one can play artistic Ragas - melody models of classical Indian music. Ranajit Sengupta, highly gifted Sarod player from Calcutta, was nominated "Best Talent of the Year" in 1992. He gives concerts in the whole of Europe, plays ethno-jazz on the side and can be heard with the tabla player Prabir Kumar Mitra on 21 June (at 8 p.m.) in the Museum of Arts and Trade - Hamburger Abendblatt, June 17th, 1999

Ranajit and Prabir altered some ancient "Ragas", basic patterns of a few tunes, in a strictly traditional way but also with individual phantasy - first calmly, then ravishingly whirling augmented in rhythm and tempo. The wonderfully inspiring evening was organized by a physics student from Hamburg enthusiastic for ancient Indian philosophy and his university group "Natural Law", in cooperation with the Music Academy, where a workshop with Manfred Stahnke had preceded. - Die Welt, June 23rd, 1999


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