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Kala Ramnath

Born in a musicians´ family that produced even multiple generations of well-known violin virtuosos, Kala Ramnath began her education already at the age of three under the strict direction of her grandfather, Vidwan Narayana Iyer, who taught her essential technical aspects of violin play. At the same time the more loving attention of her aunt, N. Rajam lead to an increasingly brilliant play. It is her to whom Kala Ramnath also owes her first performances in India and the contact to her later Guru, Pandit Jasraj, who helped her and her play to the greatest recognition in India and the rest of the world from 1989 onwards.

After countless lessons, in which Kala Ramnath tried time and again to implement on the violin what Pandit Jasraj taught her in a singing manner, and not least through the concerts, in which she accompanied him, she developed a unique style of playing her instrument. It resembles the vocal music of Mewati Gharana to an extent that, as she calls it, her violin began "to sing".

In 1984 Kala Ramnath won the famous AIR musical competition and in 1988 she was recorded as the best violin virtuoso by CBS India Ltd.. Meanwhile she has performed on all major festivals, among others on the Tansen Samaroh and at the Doverlane Conference, and she is director of the Pandit Jasraj School of Music Foundation in Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. Her duets with the singer Sanjeev Abhyankar have conquered the musical world in a storm and her recent successful advance into the fusion and world music earned grand recognition among critics and adepts.


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The song of the violin - tz Munich, October 14th, 2005


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