Photo of Gudrun Märtins - Odissi (temple dance from India)

Gudrun Märtins
Indian Dance Odissi

Since her childhood, Gudrun Märtins, who grew up in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, has been attracted to dance. After a five-year education in classical ballet she discovered Oriental Dance for herself. Several years of intensive training and participation in workshops at home and abroad followed. Parallel to performances, participation in dance projects and freelance teaching activity in Oriental Dance, in 1992, Gudrun Märtins began her instructions in Odissi with Christine Kreh-Laino in Frankfurt am Main. In 1995 she then went to the country of origin of this art form - India.

Gudrun Märtins studied the Temple Dance Odissi for a total of 6 years in the time-tested Guru Shishya System with her teacher Sangeeta Dash in Bhubaneshwar, in the state of Orissa. With increasing proficiency she received the responsibility to teach classes and appeared at performances and festivals in India.

Since 2002 Gudrun Märtins lives in Hamburg, where apart from numerous workshops and seminars she has 14 steady female students, the most advanced of whom already appear with her in performances.

In summer 2005, Gudrun Märtins completed her studies with a "Master of Arts" degree at Pracheen Kala Kendra University in Bhubaneshwar (India). On her tours the professional dancer visits predominantly locations in Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain.

With its soft, flowing movements the South Indian Odissi is considered the most graceful of India's 8 classical dance styles.


Press Review - Gudrun Märtins (Indian Dance Odissi):

She ranks among to the most exotic citizens of Hamburg: Gudrun Märtins. Resident of the Eppendorf quarter, she has specialized in Indian Temple Dance. In order for everything to appear 'real', the 30-year-old did not spare any efforts and learned the prescribed movements and gestures in India - Alstermagazin, 2002

Thus, Gudrun Märtins looks, depending on her current story, sometimes enchantingly sweet, sometimes proud and graceful, sometimes desperate, sometimes angry, sometimes with the killing glance. - Wilhelmshavener Zeitung, September 17th, 1999

Over and above she would like to promote the appreciation for Indian culture with her performance. The obvious fascination of her viewers did not allow any doubt to arise that she has accomplished this goal on Saturday in the twinkling of an eye. Which is not least due to the fact that Märtins' passion for Indian dance is expressed in each of her movements - Winsener Anzeiger, July 26th, 2003